RunRabbit module – now available!

We introduced the production module RunRabbit with the FPGA SPARTAN-6 chip. RunRabbit technology ensures sub-nanosecond accuracy in device synchronisation and data transfer in real-time systems based on Ethernet and the IEEE1588 protocol.

RunRabbit1 - pomniejszony

The RunRabbit system is a response to the observed trends in the development of distributed systems and the need for fast and deterministic control of information sent in the network used. The developed development module can be used as a built-in system for high accuracy and deterministic, reliable data transmission, produced on a Gigabit Ethernet network. The module bases on the latest solution in the area of synchronisation, which is the White Rabbit protocol.

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First RunRabbit implementation was established.

In July 2014, the first implementation of modules RunRabbit in physical form printed circuit boards with fiber optic interfaces and programmed FPGA was designed. This will allow us to carry out work related to the calibration and testing of the developed solution. So the possibility of RunRabbit in commercial solutions is getting closer.